Madlab Videos and DIY Biology

I’ve made a wide range of videos for Manchester Digital Development Agency (Madlab), including music video, experimental film, exhibition promos and project documentation.

This project is supported by an All Our Stories grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).


All Our Stories, a brand-new small grant programme, launched earlier this year in support of BBC Two’s The Great British Story. It has been designed as an opportunity for everyone to get involved in their heritage. With HLF funding and support, community groups will carry out activities that help people explore, share and celebrate their local heritage.





VVVV is powerful toolkit of media technologies, boasting a glut of built in functionality, tools and examples. You can safely presume that you can get it to interface with almost anything you want, it can generate almost anything you want. This course, facilitated by Elliot Woods from Kimchi and Chips, is a popular course held at the Omniversity of Manchester and this video I made with Elliot and has had thousands of views on Vimeo.

The Manchester chapter of DIYbio, DIYBIOMCR is “dedicated to making biology an accessible pursuit for citizen scientists, amateur biologists and biological engineers who value openness and safety.”

I made a series of videos I made over the course of a year about the various events held at Madlab for DIYBIOMCR.

Most recently I produced a suite of videos for Nesta’s Hot Topics Local Bioeconomies workshop, held at Madlab.

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