Research and Evaluation Video Documentation

I have produced many research documentaries, in particular documentaries around culture and technology.

I have recently completed a year long series of research videos for the Royal College of Art on the Redistribution of Manufacturing though makerspaces. I have also done report videos for the British Council – Apeldoorn Conferences and also Cultural Leadership Programme. I have filmed conferences and events such as FutureEverything, creating a archive of talks, plus a series of interview with key participants and artists, plus a collection of online editorial videos focusing on artists and partners.

In addition I have produced research films for Sheffield Hallam University on housing re developments in Wakefield, which was filmed over a period of two years. This month I completed a six month research video on a programme of work to reduce the attainment gap of Pupil Premium Pupils in schools. These have both been based on a series of a fundamental questions as specified by the clients. Other clients have included Nesta and BBC.

These research videos are an easy way of disseminating work online, at conferences and with stake-holders. In addition to the films, I have included podcasts, created an archive of interviews and talks that can be utilised in many ways.